Rutherford Drive - Knutsford  

full design of Extension + submission to planning, - design and build. Structurally glazed Lean-to roofing

A Project where the client wanted to optimise the light coming into the property, and remove the mass of Aluminium Framework that was on the existing roof glazing; taking the Property from a tradditonal outlook through to a contemporary modern Finish.

On stage 1 we removed the Appex glazing to the Kitchen, which was separated out into 6No. units. We designed the roof, to lower 150mm down, to sit flush with the roofing, rather than what was installed, which sat above the roofline. We also reinforced the opening, and installed one singular piece of glass to each side of the roof in replacement.

Stage 2, we removed the Long Lean-to Roof that spanned the Living room, widening the opening by 1.5meters, reducing the flat roofs to either side and equalling up the reveals. From here we put in a new Box gutter to run full length of the Extension, which was chamfered to be inset into the apex roofs either side, to make the guttering become an external feature, tying the buildings together to create uniformity throughout. The lean-to Glass roof, drained into this guttering with bespoke handmade Hoppers as a feature of the project. The Glass lean-to Roofing was done with no framework between the glass units, and utilised structural Silicone to bond the units together, offering a long term sealant, that last 20+ plus without the needs of additional supports.

On stage 3 we created a single glazed canopy, that extended out from the TV room, following the Apex of the roof. Design respect was followed into this extension, combining the slate roof, with the Glazing insert to the middle. This offered the clients a suitable weather break during the harsh months, but in addition giving them an out-doors dinning facility, fitted with external heat lamps, and lighting, to give an all year dinning experience.

Lastly Stage 4, involved fitting a Thermally efficient Wine Roof Door, that would keep the temperature and humidity controlled room to a constant level, whilst also, creating a clean and effect entrance way, that did not indeed on the experience. It was fitted with Shaded glass, to protect the Wine from harmful UV-Light whilst also allowing natural light to flu into the room. Design respect was also considered here, as we used the same Ironmongery that was used on all the doors throughout the house, to respect the design language created by the client.

This was one of Peniston Glazings more Bold projects, split into Stages, so that we could work with the builder, and allow the client to go above there lives within the home, without hindering or impending on their lifestyle. We are however very proud of the final product and are very thankful to all those involved in this wonderful Project.