Projects Overview

Catering towards High End Residential Projects, we work with our ‘Partnered Architects’ to be a part of many interesting, and truly Unique Projects. All of the projects, are designed with a new perspective, with our company initiative leading all of our works to be a statement peice of the clients home.


Princess Road


A joint venture between two neighbouring terrace houses; the clients requested, optimisation of space and light. Here we used Frameless Glazing to create a walkway, with a Glass lantern, to sit above the dinning table, flooding the Kitchen with Natural Light.


GrappenHall Road


Wanting a statement piece to replace the standard Conservatory on the rear of the property, This client left free-reign for us to create a Large glass structure, to flow naturally from the existing Kitchen. This was designed with Glass supporting Mullions, rather than steel or aluminium.


Rutherford Drive


Originally the Client had a standard Georgian style roof installed, but wanted the Framework removing, and the flat roofs, either side removing. Peniston Glazing, made the works 1.5m wider, whilst removing all the framework, and installing a Frameless Lean-too roof in replacement.