Frameless Glass Roofs

Within Roofing, Glass can be used to a structural level, to create a fully glazed Roof to any Opening. It is best optimised to bridge between walls, or to create a seamless transition from the inside out. They can also be used, where Neighbouring properties restrict the window options to a property so a Glass roof offers the best of both worlds.


Feature 1

The lack of framework to a roof, allows the elements of structural Glazing to maximise the natural light to enter a space and with the improvements in Glass Technology within this era of Glass, allows the room to still stay warm, and comfortable, with great thermal efficiency, no matter how server the external climate is.

Feature 2

Glass Fins or Mullions can be used as an alternative to Steel or Aluminium Framework. These can Support the Glass on a Horizontal or Vertical plane, to fully extend the appearance of the glazed opening. All fixings are concealed to PG’s best design intent, to secure the structure, whilst also giving the seamless appearance of the glass. This creates a clear and neat appearance of the Glass Roof, whilst also being strong enough to be self supporting without a bulky unnecessary structure.



Feature 3

Combined with Unique Specifications of glass, the performance of the Frameless glass roofs, can be optimised greatly, from Tripple-glazing, to make a 55mm Thick units through to using Specialised compounds within the makeup of the glass to either allow the Glass to be self cleaning, through to reducing the transcendence of UV-Rays or even optimising the Infa-red Light / heat of the inside and out of the property.