Bi-Folds allow you to Open unto 90% of your opening, and with Peniston Glazing Ltd we offer, High Quality, Modern Options with our slide and fold doors.

A bi-folding door fills a room with light, making it feel bigger, brighter and more beautiful. With market-leading slim frames, our aluminium bi-fold doors are perfect if you’re looking to create a wide and bright seamless transition between indoors and out. Whether you’re shopping for a new build or working on a renovation, our bi-folding doors are made to measure in a range of styles and colours that will add light and energy to any space.

We manufacture every set of bespoke bi-folding doors from aluminium, meaning that they are strong, lightweight and durable. Our aluminium folding doors can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. Because we use high quality aluminium, your bi-folding doors are guaranteed to operate beautifully for years to come.


Feature 1

Bi-Folding Sliding Glass doors, are a popular option for modern living, being fitted to many new builds, for a modern living areas, allowing the inside to be merged with the outside. Flush thresholds, offer a seamless transition and an easy operation.

Feature 2

The meeting styles of Peniston Glazing Ltd’s Framework is limited to 120mm. This allows minimal impact on the external viewing, whilst still offering a strong and reliable frame, allowing the door individuals to reach 1200m and up to 3000mm in height.



Feature 3

With the wide range of Configurations available with our Aluminium Sliding Doors, they ensure you get the maximum Glass to Frame Ratio available. They can span up to 7 Doors in length, and can open in/out and be split into many different uses.